We are enthused by “Sani Green” program which sustains and protects the environment of the entire area in and around Sani Resort, including Sani Stavronikita Villas hill.

An introduction to the concept via the resort official website:

“At Sani, a local, three-generation family business, we have created Sani Green, our sustainability program. It is central to the company’s vision and its activities.

Under Sani Green, the company is continuously working to improve its environmental performance throughout the resort in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy use, water conservation, waste minimization and sustainable procurement. In the day-to-day operations of the resort we have established clear targets for energy, water consumption and waste creation in order to measure our performance, which are re-assessed annually. Sani is strives to reduce its environmental footprint through initiatives such as using solar energy and heat recovery systems, recycling water to water the grounds of the resort and reducing waste.

Over 45% of the waste produced is recycled: paper, glass, plastic, cans, batteries, electrical appliances and used candles, while used cooking oil from the hotel kitchens and restaurants is converted into bio-fuel. We also place a large emphasis on creating a more sustainable supply chain, procuring over 60% of fruit and vegetables locally and domestically, working with our suppliers to reduce waste, and hiring locally. Recognizing that Sani Green cannot exist without the participation and support of our personnel, we place a large emphasis on training, with at least two hours of environmental training per employee, Green Boards,  regular green features in our staff magazine, employee awards, as well as tree-planting with staff participation and Sani wetlands outings.

The Sani Green program extends beyond our hotel operations, to protecting the forest and nearby wetlands area, through a network of partnerships with experts. Hundreds of acres of private forest have been preserved for guests and the local community to enjoy. A dedicated Sani Forest team ensures the forest is well-managed, and kilometers of forest trails can be experienced and enjoyed by many. Guests can swim in some of the clearest waters in the world (Certified by the Foundation for Environmental Education), relax on pristine beaches and explore the astounding wildlife of the Sani Wetlands, safe in the knowledge that the resort is committed to managing its business in a sustainable way that will benefit its unique environment for generations to come.

With such a wealth of biodiversity surrounding Sani, guests can participate in various initiatives throughout their stay, ranging from in-room recycling through to providing maps to help guests enjoy the forest trails. Guests are invited to experience nature and the Sani Green program, through complimentary guided nature trips with our eco-guide (bird-watching, hiking, biking), the weekly Sani Eco Day festivals, a pop-up event dedicated to the environment and the local community, as well as tailor-made kids and teens outdoor eco-educational experiences, called the Sani Adventurer and Explorer program.”


via http://www.sani-resort.com/en_GB